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Mike Mason started his business in October 1978 working from his home. In the early days, Mr. Mason’s customer base consisted of Residential and Commercial pest control as well as Termite Treatments. Mason Exterminating,LLC began with one Service Technician and one Salesman – Mike Mason,Sr.!

Mason Exterminating,LLC, has grown from a small one-man operation to a family-owned and operated company. Mike works with his wife, Terry, his sons Mike and Roy, plus other technicians and office staff.?

Mike Mason,Sr, works with Missouri and National Pest Control Management Associations and is also a member of the Belton Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street Merchants Association.

Everyone here at Mason Exterminating,LLC, will always treat you, our valued customer, as if you are family! You also will never sign any contracts here. Our customer's satisfaction is always our contract with our customers.

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At some point in your life, you will have a close encounter with a nasty creature. They surprise you when you open the pantry, frustrate you when you open the pantry, frustrate you when you find them in your foundation or irritate you when you are trying to sleep. Pests: Roaches, Termites, Mice, Bats, Bee's; no matter what kind, they can all make life at home miserable.

Fortunately, you can call Belton's version of Men In Black, Mason's Exterminating,LLC. They may not wear dark sunglasses, but this family operation always gets their bug. Mike Mason,Sr. who began the business in 1978 out of his home in northeastern Kansas City with his wife Terry, we started. with nothing. "We started cold calling and going door-to-door." Mike said. "It was real tough, we started with zero customers and worked our way up form there. When we moved to Belton in 1982, I worked out of the house until 1999, when we got too big for the house."

Now located at 608 Main street, Mason's has continued to grow while retaining the trust of past customers. "I started working at this one apartment complex when I was 16 years old,"said Mike "We still service them now. That's been 37+ years." Mason's is a family operation; he employs his kids, Michael Jr. and Roy. At Mason's currently in 2014, we have a crew of 9. Of those 9 employed here only one is not family. So here at Mason's you can rest assured that when you call to schedule your Pest Control Service you will always be treated like family.

We also offer chemicals for sale for the do-it-yourselfers for the customers that want to treat on their own. The majority of our customer's, though, is for customers with less interest in getting up close and personal with the little nasties. ("We take care of Roaches, Rodents, Silverfish, Termites, Bee's, Squirrels, Pigeons, Rats, Bats, O'possums, Fleas, Bedbugs"). Mike said "We also do pre-treats and post-construction work. Any kind of pest control, we take care of it." The first step in getting rid of home invaders is to diagnose the problem.) "We get a lot of calls on Box Elders," Mike said, "which looks like roaches but they have orange on their back. I can usually tell on the phone right off the bat because of my experience, but if I can't we'll go out and get a sample, identify it, then give an estimate."

Mason's also has microscopes on hand to identify any rare insects that are brought into the store. Most jobs deal with termites and roaches, however. Termites are a big problem," Mike said. "they do billions of dollars of damage every year. In this part of the country, they are subterranean. They have to go down in the ground where there is moisture, unless there is moisture in the roof, which would be a secondary infestation. If there is a crack in the concrete, they can come up through the crack. "We use Termidor, which is the best chemical in my opinion on the market." We've treated thousands of houses with Termidor and we haven't had a call back yet." Part of what makes the operation so successful is because it is so close-knit. "we all get along great, Roy said. "We all run our own routes, and if I am finished up I call the other techs and help out" Of course, exterminating requires people skills.

Mason Exterminating does Residential, Commercial & Industrial Pest Control Services. Our Retail Store/Main office is located at 608 Main Street, Belton Missouri. We service Kansas City, south to Butler, north to Smithville, east to Buckner, west to Desoto Kansas and all areas in between.



Mike Mason,Sr.

Hi, I am Mike Mason, Sr the owner here at Mason's. I have been in business since 1978. I always want my customer's 100% satisfied!! Please take a moment and email me letting me know how your experience was when I treated your home/business


Roy Mason

Hi, my name is Roy Mason I have 19 years of pest and termite control experience. We as a family look forward to servicing your family if you have and unwanted pests in your home.


Mike Mason,Jr.

Hi, I am Mike Mason Jr. I have 21 years of pest and termite control experience. I also would like to welcome you to our website and look forward to doing business with you and your family.



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They did awesome job! Easy to get an appointment,
professional service, great price and took care of the problem. Highly recommend them to anyone in and around Belton!!!!

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