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Below you will find some of the different insects that we treat, and a little information about the insects.

These are just a few of the Insects that we treat for.


Termites cause $2-3 billion dollars in damage in the United States each year. Termites are probably the most serious threat your home may face. Termites live in the ground and often move in single file. Termites have two pairs of wings and a short & straight antennae. Termites can be brown or black in color. Termites that are most likely to attack your home are probably going to be subterranean termites. They are social insects that live in large underground colonies. You may never see them or any evidence of them, until you discover that they've done some serious damage to your home ore business. Here are some signs that termites may be moving into your home. Termites often leave some evidence of their presence. Look for small holes in wood, crumbling drywall, or sagging doors or floors. Insect wings are another sign, as Termites shed their wings when they swarm. Look for shelter tubes that Termites build to serve as their passageways across masonry or along pipes. Give us a call to have us inspect your home to ensure it's Termite free.


Carpenter ants are large black, or reddish black and they are social insects. Carpenter ants can be found in damaged wood or insulation or just about anywhere in your home/business. Carpenter ants destroy wood by exacting tunnels through it to live in. If Carpenter ants are in parts of your home/business that are not visible to your eyes they can cause extensive damage before they are detected. Something important to know about Carpenter ants is that their colonies grow slow and the damage that they can cause is done slowly. Carpenter ants like to eat plant juices, meat, grease, sweats, & wood. They prefer to tunnel in moist wood that is infested with fungus, but will also inhabit dry wood. If you think you find a Carpenter ant in your home try to save one so one of our technicians can identify it. We would be happy to treat your home/business to stop the damage these insects may cause to your home/business.




Fleas live and feed on the skin of animals everywhere in the world. Flea infestations usually, not always, get started in the summertime. Fleas are very, very small and dark brown insects. Their bodies are hardened and compressed from side to side. Fleas do not fly but have strong hind legs which they use to jump from host to host. Fleas can bite not only pets but humans as well. Flea bites are very irritating to pets and humans. Fleas are also known to transmit diseases. An adult female and male flea need a blood meal, or supply before mating. A female flea lays 30-50 eggs of the animal daily and can live up to 25 days. Eggs are not attached to the animal and fall off wherever the animal sleeps or walks. Eggs fall off into carpet, bedding, pet bedding, and yard. Pretty much anywhere your animal may sleep. Fleas are very important to treat because they carry diseases that can make your animal sick. Often hard to treat at home on your own. It's very important to not only have your home treated on the interior and exterior perimeter, as well as your animals.


Cockroaches are one of the most common insects found in homes. Cockroaches are pretty common in apartments, or multi family dwellings. Cockroaches walk everywhere in your home or business. They shed their skins as they grow and tend to smell your home or business up. Continuance is inhaling their dropped skins cause allergies and asthma generally in children. Cockroaches have 3 life stages in their lives. 1 is the egg, 2 is the nymph, and the 3rd is the adult. The eggs are packed in an egg capsule and carried by the adult cockroach until hatched. Each capsule contains 30-50 eggs. The nymphs shed their skins 5-6 times before they grow into an adult cockroach. It usually takes 40-125 days for an egg to mature into an adult. The female cockroach can produce up to 8 capsules. Adult cockroaches can live up to one year. They eat all sorts of different things.: starches, sweets, meat products. They can feed on: leather, bakery products, flakes of dried skin, dead animals, and plant materials. Cockroaches like to hide in dark narrow cracks and crevices. You will usually see them in the back of cabinets, and drawers, ovens, refrigerator. They like to travel along the baseboards in your home and are generally the most active at night. Heavily infestated homes or businesses generally will need to be fogged as well as sprayed and baited.


Bed bugs are small and wingless insects, a newly hatched Bed bug is light tan in color and the size of a poppy seed. Adult Bed bugs are reddish brown, flat, oval, and the size of a apple seed. You may notice that after a Bed bug feeds it changes slightly in color becoming darker & the body is a bit longer. Early stages of a infestation Bed bugs tend to be found in a mattress, box spring, headboard, furniture, drawers, etc. As the infestation progresses Bed bugs may cluster behind baseboards, in crevices, behind pictures etc. Bed bugs feed on human blood at night. They are attracted warmth and carbon dioxide. Bed bugs feed for around 3 minutes and up to 10 minutes and every 5-10 days. If a Bed bug bites you it's usually painless and have not yet been linked to any diseases in humans. On some people they may not even know that they were bitten by a bed bug because we as humans all are different in every bite that we get. If you do get bitten you may notice a reddish welt that are similar to mosquito bites, and on a lot of people they do itch. You may notice these things if your home or business has bed bugs. 1. Bed bug bite on the skin, 2. Black or rusty colored spots on bedding, your mattress or box spring or even your walls, 3. You may smell something that is bad, a sickly sweet smell. Bed bugs must be treated by a professional company. If you think you may have bed bugs please don't wait give us a call!


Brown recluse spiders get there name recluse because they are recluse. They hide inside your home or business in the darkest and smallest places they can find. They also will hide in your closets, dressers, clothing, towels, etc. Brown Recluse tend to live in areas where us humans don't disturb things for a little while. You can also find them in your basement, shed, garage, attic, or even maybe your storage unit.On the exterior you may find them in wood piles or behind things that you have not s=used in a long time. Brown Recluse spiders have venom that as a snake would have and it is used to kill other insects. The Brown Recluse spider has 6 sets of eyes, they are less than a inch long and come in all kinds of different shades. ( Black, Brown, Grey, or Cream colored). Due to this most people are unsure of it being a Brown Recluse spider. The only time a Brown Recluse spider is able to deposit eggs is during the hotter months. ( May, June, July, and August) This spider may have hundreds of eggs at once and may mate twice during that time. A Brown Recluse will tend to bite us humans when they don't feel threatened. Most of the time a bite will happen when a person is putting on their clothing,or wrapping in a towel perhaps after a shower. With the spider being in the article of clothing the spider feels some pressure from the persons body, which causes the spider to panic and to bite. Until you have your home professionally treated it's always a good idea to do the following: Check all your clothing before you put it on, shake out towels before wrapping after a shower, shake your shoes, do anything preventative that will keep these pesky spiders from bitting you or your loved ones.


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